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Sir Isaac Newton

Biographical information on Sir Isaac Newton, one of the major founding fathers of classical physics, who made major contributions to the study of motion, gravity, and optics.

Sir Isaac Newton - Biographical Profile
Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most significant physicists in western history. Considered the founder of classical physics, he took the disparate concepts that existed at his time and brought them together into a cohesive field of study.

Introduction to Newton's Three Laws of Motion
A basic introduction to Newton's Three Laws of Motion, including examples of their mathematical and physical interpretations.

Newton's Law of Gravity
An introduction to the law of gravity, as developed by Newton and revised over the years. This provides the foundation for any significant work in understanding gravity, from falling objects to planetary motion.

About Inventors - Sir Isaac Newton
Read about Sir Isaac Newton over on the About.com Inventors Guidesite.

Newton's Laws of Motion
Another good introduction to Newton's Laws of Motion, including material on the mathematics involved, applications, and problem-solving methods such as the drawing of free-body diagrams.

FMA Live!
Let the laws of motion rock your world! This multimedia entertainment group tours schools and teaches students about the laws of motion (FMA -> Force Mass Acceleration). Their site includes information on some simple experiments that can be performed to demonstrate the laws of motion.

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