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Contents of the Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Amazingly, 95% of the make-up of the universe is stuff we can't see, according to cosmologists. Find out more about dark energy and dark matter, which far surpasses the amount of visible mass in the universe.

Physics Spotlight10

Chaotic Inflation

Definition of Chaotic Inflation

Eternal Inflation

Definition of Eternal Inflation

The Island of Knowledge

Theoretical physicist and philosopher Marcelo Gleiser reflects upon the limits of our scientific understanding and how we search for meaning.

Tau Lepton

Definition of Tau


Definition of substrate


Definition of a constructor

David Deutsch

British theoretical physicist David Deutsch advocates for not only exploring the deepest mysteries of the universe, but also understanding them.

Constructor Theory

Definition of Constructor Theory

Introducing Science Graphic Guides

Icon Books has a series of great books that are graphic guides introducing key concepts and figures from history and science.

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch

Theoretical physicist David Deutsch explores how science understands things and progresses by providing better explanations.

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