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Physics Experiments


Physics is an experimental science, which means that the theories presented within its framework must ultimately make their way through the rigorous crucible of experimental verification. Some experiments require elaborate apparatus and expertise, but there are many basic scientific experiments which can be performed at home without much cost or technical proficiency.
  1. Performing Physics Experiments
  2. Basic Physics Experiments
  3. Classic Physics Experiments

Performing Physics Experiments

Before starting a physics experiment, there are some basic principles that need to be taken into consideration. An experiment needs to be set up and analyzed in a very precise fashion to yield meaningful results. Planning in advance will help get results which prove or disprove the hypothesis in question.

Basic Physics Experiments

Many science experiments can be performed easily at home without elaborate equipment, technical expertise, or even scientific knowledge. These basic experiments fall in that category and can be used to help young learners explore the natural world around them.

Classic Physics Experiments

Some physics experiments have become famous to posterity because the solution introduced whole new realms of inquiry. Generally, the researchers at the time didn't even realize when performing the work that the question they were looking into was such an important one.

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