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The primary tool of physicists is the precise application of mathematical concepts and analysis to physical problems. Here you will find information on the mathematics that is most important in the study of physics.
  1. Mathematics of Waves (4)

Mathematical Properties of Waves
Waves have certain unique mathematical properties, which require some specific methods of analysis. Here you'll learn everything you need about amplitude, frequency, wavelength and other wave properties.

Introduction to Vector Mathematics
Here you will be introduced to the mathematics necessary for the manipulation of vector quantities, which have both a magnitude and direction. Vectors are used throughout physics, so an understanding of these concepts is important to solve many physics problems.

About.com Math Guidesite
Mathematics is the greatest tool that the physicist uses, and About.com has an excellent Guidesite devoted entirely to the topic.

Using Significant Figures & Scientific Notation
When measuring physical quantities, scientists have to keep track of their level of precision. This article will discuss how scientists use significant figures to do just that, and how you can use significant figures without error in your work. It also discusses the role of scientific notation in making large and small numbers manageable.

Mathematical Formulas
This resource provides many useful mathematical formulas in various downloadable formats, including PDF.

MathWorld is the self-proclaimed "web's most extensive math resource." It covers a lot of material, but most of the information assumes a certain level of proficiency and is not very accessible to students. It's great for honing previous skills, however.

Application of Probability in Physics
Physics utilizes probability in a variety of ways.

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