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Our world functions on energy, which is generated through transferring energy contained in some form of natural resource into work performed by the machines that we use in life. Here you will find some resources regarding different forms of energy along with their practicality and efficiency.
  1. About Fossil Fuels
  2. About Nuclear Energy
  3. About Renewable Energy

Energy for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller
In this book, physicist Richard A. Muller takes uses his position as a converted skeptic of global warming to focus attention on the science behind the intense energy decisions facing our nation. Taking stances that will challenge the convictions of both political extremes, Muller explains the challenges of dealing with the twin hurdles that...

Sources of Power Production
We use energy, be it kinetic, thermal, or electrical, in every aspect of our lives. Except for the actual movement of our bodies (which is fuelled with food), this energy generally comes from some external source that we have no direct contact with. Here is a list of the various places we get energy in our modern world of industry & technology.

About Environmental Issues
About Environmental Issues addresses the ecological consequences of energy and fuel consumption in greater detail.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc.
This Las Vegas-based company is producing a number of fuel efficient vehicles, from motorcycles to proposed compact cars. Their technology is based on lithium-ion batteries, which can be learned about on their site. This is for information purposes, and should not be considered an endorsement of their products, which I have never tried.

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
A major international project to create a functional nuclear fusion reactor that will produce more energy than it consumes. Such a project, if successful, could provide a source of cheap, safe energy.

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