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"The Pulled Groin Extrapolation" - Episode 5.03

Leonard escorts Amy to a wedding

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Bernadette discovers that Howard expects her to move in with him (and his mother) after their marriage. When she protests, Howard suggests that she move in to try it for a week. Things do not go well, as it continues to be evident how coddled Howard is by his mother.

Meanwhile, Leonard is convinced to escort Amy to a wedding. Though distracted by thoughts of Priya, Amy is finally able to pull him out onto the dancefloor to actually enjoy himself ... despite a Hokey Pokey mishap that results in a pulled groin muscle. At the end of the evening, Leonard makes it clear that Amy is "Not for you!"

This Episode's Science

Model Railroading - Again, we have a week that's fairly short on science. However, at one point Sheldon does attend a presentation at a model railroad store. Model trains have long been a hobby among the tech-savvy. In fact, the origin of the term "hacker" is often attributed the MIT model railroading club, where participants would figure out ways to modify the electrical control system as needed to get it to perform the way they wanted it to (as described by journalist Steven Levy in Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution).

Notable Quotes

Penny: You're a brain scientist. Can you explain to me why a brilliant man likes playing with toy trains?
Amy: Not without cutting his head open, no.

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