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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5.11 - "The Speckerman Recurrence"

Leonard confronts a bully from his past

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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5.11 -

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One of Leonard's many high school bullies is visiting town and wants to get together. Leonard decides to confront him, but brings his three friends as back-up. When he finally confronts the bully over the heinous acts against him (pushed into it by Sheldon, who gets pushed to the edge when he's overly-offended on Leonard's behalf), the bully seems surprised that Leonard didn't enjoy their relationship.

Meanwhile, Penny inadvertently (and unknowingly) admits that she was also a bully in high school. Amy and Bernadette force her to call her victims and apologize, but none of them want to hear these apologies. She tries to assuage her guilt through altruism (i.e. feel better by helping others), but finds that she's not really cut out for thinking about other people. Ultimately, they end up raiding the donation center for .

When the bully comes to apologize to Leonard, he is clearly drunk and Leonard decides he can't let him drive home. Unfortunately, when he sobers up, he's not nearly as apologetic, returning to his bullying ways. Leonard stands up for himself, but it doesn't go particularly well for him.

This Episode's Science

2011 Nobel Award Ceremony: Sheldon gets up early in the morning to watch the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded in physics. The award was presented to the scientists primarily responsible for discovering the accelerating expansion rate of the universe. This is believed to be caused by the mysterious dark energy.

Though the Nobel Prize winners were announced in October, the award ceremony itself took place on December 10, 2011, which has the added benefit of giving us the real-world date when this episode supposedly took place.

Notable Quotes

Leonard:It's 2 A.M. What are you doing up?
Sheldon:Nobel prize acceptance ceremony streaming live from Stockholm.
Leonard: Sure. Wanna see what all the scientists are wearing this year.
Sheldon: Look at these men. They've managed to win the top science prize in the world with no more understanding of the quantum underpinnings of the expansion of the early universe than God gave a goose. You should pay attention Leonard, someday it could be you up there.

Sheldon: Look at Dr. Saul Perlmutter up there, clutching that Nobel prize. [Speaking to the computer screen.] What's the matter, Saul? Worried that somebody's going to steal it, like you stole Einstein's cosmological constant?

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