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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Physics June 2012 Archive


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Kepler's Laws Rule the Worlds (that's right ... all of them)

Thursday June 21, 2012
Earlier this month, fans of science may have heard a lot of commotion about the transit of Venus. The transit of Venus describes an event that happens at most twice ... Read More

Why the Heck Does Magneto Have a Graviton Shield?

Monday June 18, 2012
I'm a gamer at heart and recently one of the games that I've been enjoying recently has been Marvel: Avengers Alliance over on Facebook. Readers of the blog will know ... Read More

Warped Space May Create Escher-like Universe

Wednesday June 13, 2012
A new theoretical model posted onto the ArXiv website by Stephen Hawking and colleagues proposes something very curious: that space may actually reflect a curious structure that has more in ... Read More

How to Transform Physics

Tuesday June 5, 2012
Today I received an e-mail containing the following question: What is the apropriate [sic] way to spread my revoloutionary [sic] message on how to transform modern physics? When you're at all in ... Read More

Popular Science App Integrates Augmented Reality

Sunday June 3, 2012
Popular Science has released a new app for the iPhone and iPad and also for Android, and this particular app, PopSci Interactive, is designed to help augment, not replace, the ... Read More

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