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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Black Holes or Wormholes?

By April 30, 2007

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The nature of black holes, or even whether they exist, is a rich area of speculation among physicists. In a New Scientist exclusive article, physicists from Germany & France reveal that their recent study has shown that a wormhole - a spacetime distortion that connects different areas through a "shortcut" - would in fact mimic black holes so precisely as to make it virtually impossible to tell them apart.

This isn't necessarily that surprising, given that the first formal explanation of a wormhole-like structure was the Einstein-Rosen bridge, which formed with a black hole that was connected to a distant white hole which expelled the matter pulled into the black hole. Such models were found to be unstable, however, unless there is introduced some other element, such as negative energy or matter, as a stabilizing force within the hole itself.

Many of the factors that have been normally used to classify an observed astronomical object as a black hole, according to the new study, would actually manifest essentially the same for either of the two objects. Even physicists who believe the current objects are black holes seem to indicate that, with current technology, it's a practical impossibility to tell between them for certain.

About the only way to know for sure is to send a probe into one, but due to the spatial distortions of both phenomena receiving transmissions from such a probe would be problematic ... meaning that, for now, the truth will have to remain ambiguous.

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Image: The picture, depicting an simplified model of how a wormhole could connect curved two-dimensional space, is available for use through Wikimedia Commons.


May 12, 2007 at 12:39 pm
(1) Shantilal G. Goradia says:

In 1935 paper “Problem of Particle in GR”, Einstein linked particles with spacetime. Acceptance of mini wormholes is a good start in the right direction. The quantum limit of the classical imprecise concept “mini” is Planck size. Right proposal should show more on horizon. Using quantum concept, I can show more. See http://www.arXiv.org/pdf/physics/0210040 v3.

May 22, 2007 at 2:26 pm
(2) Teddy says:

I’m just a regular guy who thinks too much.hawkins stated at one time that a black hole, absorbs all matter it comes in contact with even light then fizzles out .. Physics could not agree with him and tryed to disprove this theory. then he went to a confrence after running calculations and stated he was in fact wrong shocked the world.. i belive he stated that it does not disapear because information will be lost and information can’t be lost ..it can only be transforned like as if you have a tree you start it on fire its not there.. but it has transformed to chemicals in the air and ash.mr hawkings
theory is now that there is an alternate universe that this all goes to.is it possible that not the black hole, but a by product from black holes are the fabric of life at least something all physicist are searching for? i can not believe that much energy can disapear or change to an alternate universe . if this is so everything in our universe will eventually be some place other than what we know as our universe.. what is the posibility that all this mass turns into something we can not measure at this time like dark matter. or pure unmeasureable energy. at this time unmeasurable , or at least no measureable until we understand and can see the reaction of the disapating mass at the center of a black hole.the mass is so enormous what does it become .it is the birth of what?

January 12, 2013 at 7:23 pm
(3) katesisco says:

2013 Science seems more ready to admit the missing mass is illusionary, now down to 30% or less. Big discussion as to quasars/redshift, not so much multiverse or other dimensions due to Hadron not finding complimentary particles.
Claim of Higgs not substantiated so far.
vital vastness info says no black holes, electromagnetic trap time varying linked to quasar/redshift and universal magnetic fields tho supporting worm holes.

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