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The information you need to address common problems in thermodynamics, the realm of physics relating to energy in the form of heat and how that energy alters physical properties of matter, such as temperature, pressure, and density.
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Thermodynamics Overview
Information on the field of thermodynamics, from the basics of temperature to kinetic theory to the laws of thermodynamics.

Introduction to Heat Transfer
How does heat transfer? What methods are most or least efficient? What are the effects of heat transfer? Find out in this brief introduction!

Laws of Thermodynamics
An introduction to the laws of thermodynamics and how they are used to solve problems involving heat or thermal energy transfer.

What is a Thermodynamic Process?
What is a thermodynamic process? How can it be used to analyze the energy within a system? These and more questions are answered here.

What are the States of Matter?
Learn about the various states of matter and the physical laws that govern them, such as phase transitions.

Blackbody Radiation
Research in blackbody radiation created a major dilemma for classical physics. The problem was resolved by Max Planck in 1900 by introducing the concepts which laid the foundation for all of quantum mechanics.

About Temperature
This introduction to temperature and basic principles of thermodynamics, written for middle school teachers, is very helpful in dealing with the subject in a classroom setting.

A Student's Approach to the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Specifically designed for students, this article provides a useful introduction to the concepts inherent in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, especially Entropy.

Thermodynamics @ Wikipedia
This Wikipedia article gives a good overview of Thermodynamics, until I'm able to provide some more specific information on this site.

Two Air Pressure Experiments
Here are two quick experiments in air pressure that can be performed at home for very little expense. Be sure to ask parents about the first one, though, since it will result in a broken yardstick!

definition of conduction

What Are Boltzmann Brains?
If the laws of thermodynamics are considered at their most fundamental level, what sort of consciousness would be most likely to exist? The curious result is a bizarre concept called a Boltzmann brain.

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