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Sir Isaac Newton - Biographical Profile


Sir Isaac Newton - Biographical Profile

Sir Isaac Newton (1689, Godfrey Kneller)

Sir Isaac Newton - Basic Information:

Nationality: British

Born: 4 January 1643
Death: 31 March 1727

Note: While Newton lived, Britain continued to use the old-style Julian calendar instead of the modern Gregorian calendar used in much of Europe. As such, Newton's British birthday was Christmas Day 1642, because of an almost 10-day disparity between the calendars. He died on the Gregorian date of 20 March 1727. The dates given above are using the modern Gregorian calendar.

Major Physics Achievements:

  • defined the law of gravity, verifying Kepler's laws of planetary motion and essentially ending the geocentric view of the universe.
  • defined the three laws of motion
  • enunciated principles of conservation of momentum & angular momentum
  • invented the reflecting telescope and defined a corpuscular theory of light
  • inventor of calculus (in parallel with Gottfried Leibniz) and applied it directly to the understanding of physical systems

Other Major Achievements:

  • studied alchemy
  • member of Parliament of England 1689 to 1690, and in 1701.
  • wrote religious tracts, including some work disputing the Trinity.
  • became warden of the Royal Mint in 1696, oversaw the "great recoining," and became Master of the Mint in 1699, a position he held for the remainder of his life.
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