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Doktor Kaboom with Catapult


Doktor Kaboom with Catapult

Doktor Kaboom explains simple machines to students by demonstrating with the use of a catapult. He prepares to test his hypothesis that the catapult was originally used to deliver food (in this case bananas) to the masses.

Doktor Kaboom (used by permission)
In his interactive science show, Doktor Kaboom (played by actor David Epley, who created the character) demonstrates scientific principles to groups of all ages, though mostly focuses on performances for children.

At the portion of the show depicted, Doktor Kaboom is explaining to the audience his theory that catapults were designed not for war, but instead as an economical way to distribute food to the people. He then, with the help of an assistant chosen from the audience, proceeds to test this hypothesis by firing banana pieces through the air into the assistant's mouth.

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