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Creating a Mad Scientist Costume

Learn how to create a great mad scientist costume.

Free-Body Diagrams: An Introduction

The first step in most physics problems is drawing a free-body diagram. This article will provide you with the necessary information to tackle this process and use it effectively to help in physics problem-solving.

Experimental Methods

An overview of how to conduct a scientific experiment.

Idealized Models: An Introduction

Physicists generally break problems down into idealized models, which are simplified versions of the problems that look only at the elements they need to look at. This primer will give you tips on how to use such models properly

Dimensional Analysis: Know Your Units

Dimensional analysis is a process by which you can use the units of certain values to help figure out how to achieve the solution you need. Learn how to use dimensional analysis to help you solve physics problems.

Know Your Variables

When starting on a physics problem, it's important to know how to set up the problem in mathematical terms quickly. Having a good handle your variables will save a lot of confusion.

Worked Physics Problem: Free Falling Body

How to calculate the initial height of a dropped object, given its velocity at a point during the fall.

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