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Your source for physics in the non-scholarly world, such as everyday manifestations, fun tricks & activities, and other odds and ends. This is also where you can find information on careers in physics.
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Science Issues in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign
A variety of science issues come up as crucial in the 2012 election to determine the next president of the United States. Here is an overview of some of the most pressing issues, as well as the candidates' responses.

Six Kinds of Simple Machines
There are six kinds of simple machines which have few or none moving parts which provide great mechanical advantage. Learn about these 6 machines and how they are used in your daily lives!

How Does Doppler Radar Work?
A description of the physical principle behind doppler radar.

Turkey Physics
Learn about how physics relates to the cooking of a turkey.

What is the physics of a car collision?
In physics, the distinction between the concepts of energy and force can be very subtle, but important. Energy is an absolute measure of the system, whereas the force is specifically related to the set-up of the situation.

About Inventors
The About Inventors site has information on many inventors and inventions. An invention, of course, involves the application of physical laws to achieve a desired result. Several of the inventors profiled there have a strong background in physics.

List of Physics Videos from TED
For years, I've been a big fan of the TED talks. This international series of conferences has the slogan "ideas worth sharing" has well earned the reputation for having some of the most compelling talks available online. They release a new TED talk every weekday, recorded from one of the many TED conferences (TED, TEDGlobal, TEDx, or whatever)...

Is Invisibility Possible?
From H.G. Wells' Invisible Man to Star Trek's cloaking devices to Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility, the prospect of turning invisible has long been a part of popular culture. Now it appears some scientists may be close to turning the dream of invisibility into a reality ... sort of.

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