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A Brief History of Physics: Aristotle to Hawking

This area will provide you with a history of how physics has developed throughout the ages, including information on the overall development of the scientific method of inquiry and how various civilizations have approached the physical sciences.
  1. Famous Physicists (90)
  2. Historical Science Books (1)
  3. Physics Years in Review (1)

Physics of the Greeks
A brief overview of the physical sciences as discovered and practiced by the ancient Greeks.

History of Electromagnetics
A timeline of the development of electromagnetic theory from antiquity to 1907.

History of Mathematical Physics
A history of various major discoveries in mathematical physics, including General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Gravitation.

Earth: The Great Magnetic
This site provides a background of William Gilbert's discovery of the Earth's magnetic field, including historical perspectives of this discovery and subsequent geomagnetic findings. It includes a section specifically designed for teachers.

Kelvin's "Clouds" Speech
Lord Kelvin famously gave a 1900 speech in which he declared that physics was essentially finished, save for two "dark clouds." Resolving these dark clouds

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