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Build and Launch Foam Rockets by Klutz Labs

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Build and Launch Foam Rockets by Klutz Labs

Cover of the book Build and Launch Foam Rockets by Klutz Labs, published by Chicken Socks.

Klutz Labs/Chicken Socks

The Bottom Line

This is a fun and quick rocket kit which is great for even very young kids. It doesn't require any real skill or technique to launch these rockets, which is both the biggest strength and biggest weakness. The various rocket punch-outs add some level of versatility, although at the expense of distance - the rocket tubes travel much further if they're launched without using the rocket punch-outs.
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  • Easy to use, even for young children, who can get hours of enjoyment from this simple rocket toy.


  • The rockets are very limited in what they can do.
  • The rockets have a very limited range of only a few feet, if pop-out rocket design is added.


  • By Klutz Labs, through their Chicken Socks line for young children
  • Contains 3 foam launchers, 6 punch-out rocket ships, and 1 power air launcher.
  • Includes directions on how to modify the rocket ship designs to customize the flight path.
  • Designed for ages 4 and up

Guide Review - Build and Launch Foam Rockets by Klutz Labs

Build and Launch Foam Rockets is a simple kit that contains everything you need to assemble simple air-launch rockets. The rockets consist of a foam tube (3 varieties included - red, blue, and yellow) and punch-out rocket designs (6 varieties) that can slip over the foam tube, resulting in a total of 18 different rockets. The tube then slips onto a simple bulb-pump power air launcher.

Squeeze the launcher and watch it fly.

The problem with the kit is that the air pump only launches so far, and the rockets aren't terribly aerodynamic, so the fall pretty quickly to the ground. I haven't really been able to get more than a few feet out of them. Probably the most it's gone is about 5 feet, but if you remove the punch-out rocket design and just launch the raw foam tube, then it goes about a dozen feet.

The kit does include some directions about how to customize the rocket designs by folding the wings in different ways, to get changes in the flight path. While this enhances the experience a bit (this is how I got a full 5 feet), it's still a pretty short flight.

The good news is that you can launch it again and again. My son - 5 years old - is fixated on it and loves launching it repeatedly, without any concerns about whether or not it goes more than a couple of feet.

And that, I suppose, is the best recommendation of all.

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