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Foam Gliders by Klutz Labs

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Foam Gliders by Klutz Labs

Cover of the book/experiment kit Foam Gliders by Klutz Labs.

Klutz Labs

The Bottom Line

This is a very basic kit that allows you to create 5 punch-out and assemble foam gliders. Full assembly of all 5 gliders can be completed in a matter of minutes. Though the gliders can be damaged in a tough enough collision, they actually aren't terribly delicate and can last quite a while.
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  • Easy to use, even for very young children.
  • Stickers included allow some customization of the various glider looks.


  • Collisions that are too hard may damage the gliders.


  • 5 Foam Glider models, plus color-coordinated "Zoomers" nose caps for enhanced speed.
  • Contains a target for competitions and stands for displaying the gliders.
  • Designed for ages 4 and up.

Guide Review - Foam Gliders by Klutz Labs

Klutz Labs' Foam Gliders is a very easy kit, because punching out all of the components and assembling them into 5 distinct foam gliders can be completed in a matter of minutes. Then all that's left is good aeronautical fun.

The foam is about the durability of a sturdy form of cardboard paper, so it can be damaged by a rough collision, but it isn't as flimsy as the wings on the Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines. After having our gliders in operation for a couple of days, in the hands of a five year old, only one of them had suffered any serious structural defect that resulted in flight problems. (If you don't have kids, you can trust me: that's a good record.)

One interesting aspect of these gliders is that the kit includes "Zoomers" nose caps, which slip onto the front of the foam gliders. These little plastic nose caps are essential for proper balance on the gliders, and they provide the added benefit of some extra protection when the glider slams nose-first into a piece of furniture or a tree.

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