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Doktor Kaboom: Try This at Home, vol. 1

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Doktor Kaboom: Try This at Home, vol. 1

Doktor Kaboom's first DVD, Try This at Home vol. 1, demonstrates some of his most popular science experiments.

Doktor Kaboom

The Bottom Line

This is a great video of science experiments, presented in an amusing fashion from a highly entertaining science comedian. It provides important science lessons and hours of enjoyment for the family. (The video isn't hours long, but conducting the experiments will take some time.)
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  • Easy and fun science experiments that you can do at home.
  • Entertaining presentations from a great science comedian.
  • Proper science safety practices are emphasized.


  • Too short!


  • Short segments detailing a variety of simple science experiments that can easily be practiced at home.
  • Experiments are demonstrated in detail by science entertainer Doktor Kaboom!
  • Inside of the DVD case contains materials list for each experiment.

Guide Review - Doktor Kaboom: Try This at Home, vol. 1

Science entertainer Doktor Kaboom! has come out with his first video demonstrating a series of great do-at-home science experiments. Here is the list of what experiments he covers:
  • Rockets! - Create simple rockets with a minimum amount of fuss. No explosions required.
  • Chemical Reaction - This experiment is known as "elephant toothpaste," and it involves mixing some common but volatile household chemicals to generate a lot of bubbbles.
  • CD Hovercraft - Turn a CD, or even an old record album, into a hovercraft with just a balloon and some other handy materials.
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid - Raid the kitchen to make a substance which is a liquid, unless you apply pressure, in which case it becomes like a solid.
  • Can Crusher - Use heat and air pressure to collapse a can. This one is a lot of fun because Doktor Kaboom! conducts an on-screen experiment to see if he can collapse a paint can through this process.
  • DIY CO2 - Doktor Kaboom! not only shows how to create your own carbon dioxide, but also how to use it to put out candles.
  • I scream, you scream... - How to make your own ice cream.
  • Traveling Flame - This one I'd never even heard of, but Doktor Kaboom! demonstrates how to get the flame to travel from a match through the air to light a candle's wick.
  • Air Cannon - In one of his classic experiments, Doktor Kaboom! demonstrates the way to create a variety of different air cannons. This one ends with an open-ended experiment that he leaves to the viewer to carry out: what happens when an air cannon has a triangular opening?
  • Foam Fight - Using some simple chemicals, you can create one of the messiest experiments in Doktor Kaboom!'s repertoire: a bottle full of foam that can be squeezed to launch it at your enemies (or loved ones). Best conducted outside.
In addition to the actual experiments, Doktor Kaboom! spends some time talking about how to practice safe science and also the proper role of science as a way of getting answers to questions to which you do not yet know the answers.
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