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Physics Experiments

We provide you with some science experiments that students of any age can perform to help demonstrate principles of physics. Some projects are just for fun, some are "tricks," and some will allow you to obtain useful scientific data. Such experiments would be appropriate for a science fair.

Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists
This third book in the popular Geek Dad series focuses on science experiments that are fun for the kids and the rest of the family. The book is edited by Ken Denmead, the head blogger at Wired magazine's insanely popular Geek Dad blog.

Doktor Kaboom: Try This at Home, vol. 1
The intrepid science entertainer Doktor Kaboom's first DVD presents a series of simple science experiments that can be performed at home.

Books About Physics Experiments
You learn science by exploring the world around you, and these books offer some structured experiments that help you begin looking through the world. Many of these books are great for kids of various ages, including adults.

Surface Tension - Basic Physics Experiments & Tricks
An explanation of surface tension, along with some basic experiments and tricks that make use of the phenomenon.

Cosmic Ray Detector
We teach you how to build your own cosmic ray detector.

Rocket Balloon
We explain how to create a rocket out of a balloon using common household items, and what makes it move. Learn the wonders of the rocket balloon!

Simple Machine Experiments
This site provides experiments utilizing simple machines, such as levers, springs and pulleys. The experiments are great for the classroom or at home.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
This resource provides information on a number of physics experiments and science projects. Perfect for both the classroom or home experimentation!

Smoke Ring Experiments
A resource with a number of experiments for "vortex ring launchers" which can create rings of smoke.

Home Physics Experiments
Some basic physics experiments that can be performed with little expertise or preparation, provided Professor Clint Sprott and the Wonders of Physics.

Easy foam rockets for the kids
Book review of the Klutz book project book Build and Launch Foam Rockets.

Foam Gliders by Klutz Labs
This book and kit provides all of the information

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines
This book and kit contains all the instructions and parts needed to construct three different flying machines that are powered by rubber bands.

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