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General Physics Reference Books

Supplements for Introductory Physics Concepts


These books cover a range of basic physics concepts and are useful as a supplement to an introductory physics course, or to self-teach yourself physics concepts.

Physics for Dummies

For Dummies
For years, I've been a fan of the "for Dummies" series of books. Their Physics for Dummies and Physics Workbook for Dummies provide some good reference sources for anyone looking to get started in a basic understanding of physics.
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Physics

Penguin book (Complete Idiot's Guide series)
Similar to the "for Dummies" series, I've found that the Complete Idiot Guides are very accessible introductions to the topics they cover.
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Kaplan AP Physics B & C (2007 Edition)

Kaplan Publishing
Kaplan is pretty good with course and test prep materials, and this AP Physics book covers the bulk of advanced high school or introductory college level physics courses. It's geared specifically toward preparing for the AP Physics examination, though, so is intended as a review of key concepts, rather than a self-teaching guide.
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Kaplan's SAT Subject Test: Physics (2007-2008 Edition)

Kaplan Publishing
Similar to the AP Physics guide, this test prep book covers the material needed to do well on the SAT Subject Test in Physics. Again, it's not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to focus specifically on the types of questions which one could expect on this specific test.
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