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Physics Books

Here you will find reviews of books about physics, physicists, or the general study of science. These will mostly be historical or educational in nature, although the occasional fiction or humorous book might slip in, if it's appropriate.
  1. Cosmology Books
  2. Einstein & Relativity Books (7)
  3. Fictional Physics Books (8)
  4. Physics Book Lists - By Release Date (4)
  5. Quantum Physics Books (8)
  6. Richard Feynman Books
  7. Science and Religion Books (6)
  8. Sport Science Books (1)
  9. String Theory Books (6)

Knocking on Heaven's Door
In this book, theoretical physicist Lisa Randall explains the science going on at the Large Hadron Collider and why it matters. In doing this, she goes beyond just explaining the current state of theoretical particle physics and delves deeply into the way scientific thinking is important in other aspects of our world, such as economics and...

The Best Physics Books of 2012
Top picks among the physics books released in 2012

Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity & Hope
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is the story of William Kamkwambe's successful efforts to build a windmill for his village, believing that scientific innovation can usurp mysticism and hopelessness.

Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future
The authors of Unscientific America attempt to address the growing disconnect between the scientific community and the rest of American society and present ways that scientists can reach out, to help Americans realize the impact that science has on every aspect of public policy.

Review of Brilliant Blunders by Mario Livio
A book review of Brilliant Blunders by Mario Livio, covering major scientific blunders by five of history's greatest scientific minds.

The Theoretical Minimum
In THE THEORETICAL MINIMUM, physicist Leonard Susskind's popular internet lectures on what you need to know to move to the next level in physics are collected together for the reader. This math-filled volume provides solid foundations needed to really understand how physicists tackle classical mechanics.

Science Comic Books
Some comic books don't just have science in them, but actually go so far as to teach science concepts.

General Physics Reference Books
These books cover a range of basic physics concepts and are useful as a supplement to an introductory physics course, or to self-teach yourself physics concepts.

Book Review: Fool Me Twice by Shawn Lawrence Otto
In Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America, author, filmmaker, and science advocate Shawn Lawrence Otto makes a case that American political culture - on both sides of the political spectrum - is dangerously turning away from science, just at the time when we most need to embrace it as a path to solving our problems.

The Manga Guide to Physics
A manga-style introduction to some of the most basic ideas in physics.

Movie & Television Physics Books
Most movies do a very bad job at representing physics, but sometimes a movie or television show can be used to teach real-world physics lessons. The following books are some examples of how to analyze a show to gain such lessons, even if the show itself involves a world where the laws of science are not the most important ones.

Books about Albert Einstein & Relativity
Albert Einstein is one of the most compelling figures in all of physics, and there are a wide range of books that explore his life and scientific achievements. This list, by no means comprehensive, demonstrates some intriguing resources for learning more about Albert Einstein.

Energy for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller
In this book, physicist Richard A. Muller takes uses his position as a converted skeptic of global warming to focus attention on the science behind the intense energy decisions facing our nation. Taking stances that will challenge the convictions of both political extremes, Muller explains the challenges of dealing with the twin hurdles that...

Books About Physics Experiments
You learn science by exploring the world around you, and these books offer some structured experiments that help you begin looking through the world. Many of these books are great for kids of various ages, including adults.

Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics by Jim Al-Khalili
In this 2012 book, physicist Jim Al-Khalili tackles a series of scientific "paradoxes" that test the limits of our reason and understanding of the universe. In explaining the scientific resolution to these paradoxes, he takes us deep into the heart of scientific thinking and analysis in an entertaining and instructive way.

The Void by Frank Close
In The Void, physicist Frank Close explores the science behind ... nothing. The scientific concept of nothingness has a surprisingly fascinating history, and Close brings it to life in this slim volume about a topic that fills the universe.

A Sense of the Mysterious by Alan Lightman
Alan Lightman is well known for having transitioned from the field of physics to that of literature. His literature is heavily informed, however, by science, as is made clear in this collection of essays ranging from biographical looks at famous physicists to intimate looks at the very personal nature of science itself.

The Particle at the End of the Universe by Sean Carroll
Physicist and popular science blogger Sean Carroll releases a book that explores the search for the Higgs boson.

The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics by David Harriman
A review of the 2010 book The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics, in which physicist David Harriman tackles an explanation of why science is fully valid and logical despite the classical philosophical "problem of induction."

Physics Experiment Books from Klutz Labs

Klutz Labs is a company that produces a wide range of educational books that include hands-on learning supplies and kits as part of the book. About Physics recently acquired some of their books, and we continue to review more as time goes on. Below are the books that we've reviewed, in order of age from youngest to oldest.

Time Reborn by Lee Smolin
A book review of the sure-to-be-controversial book TIME REBORN, by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, which focuses on the

Books on Quantum Consciousness
A list of books that tackle the speculative subject of quantum consciousness, with a serious emphasis on the actual scientific issues under debate, rather than attempts to leverage the "weirdness" of quantum mechanics in a sensational manner.

Letters to a Young Scientist
A review of the inspiring book Letters to a Young Scientist by biologist Edward O. Wilson

Great Science Books of 2013
Looking for a new book that explores the wonders of science? This list is a great place to start ... at least for the year 2013.

Science Books For Children
A listing of science books aimed at young audiences

Introducing Science Graphic Guides

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch
Theoretical physicist David Deutsch explores how science understands things and progresses by providing better explanations.

Books on Scientific Reasoning
Some books don't neatly fall into a category, but their goal is to overall help you think in a scientific way. I've collected a list of some books in this regard which may be of interest. Enjoy!

The Island of Knowledge
Theoretical physicist and philosopher Marcelo Gleiser reflects upon the limits of our scientific understanding and how we search for meaning.

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