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Nanotechnology is a developing field of science where microscopic machines on the scale of atoms and molecules are created to perform various functions. The medical & industrial implications of nanotechnology are truly astounding.

This profile provides an overview of relevant information in the field of nanotechnology.

New Scientist: Nanoscale Imager
This interactive flash graphic, available from New Scientist magazine, demonstrates objects of different orders of magnitude, including the microscopic, nanoscale, and atomic scales.

National Nanotechnology Initiative
The National Nanotechnology Initiative is a good clearing house of information on nanotechnology, including the answer to the question "What is Nanotechnology?"

CRN Global Task Force: Nanotechnology Essays
The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology commissioned a Global Task Force to study the possible implications of the new technology. In March 2006, the Task Force released a set of eleven essays on the subject. Check them out to find out what the future may hold.

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