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Energy, Work & Power

The concept of energy is central to physics, as many times the analysis of a system's motion involves understanding how energy is changing. The change in energy is known as work, and the work done over a given period of time is known as power.

What is Kinetic Energy?
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, a concept which is used widely in physics to solve problems involving changes in motion.

Gravitational Potential Energy
Gravitational potential energy represents the energy that is "stored" in the gravitational field due to an object's position within that field. It is a useful tool for simplifying and solving many problems involving motion, especially those related to free-falling objects.

What is the physics of a car collision?
In physics, the distinction between the concepts of energy and force can be very subtle, but important. Energy is an absolute measure of the system, whereas the force is specifically related to the set-up of the situation.

What is Elastic Collision?
An elastic collision occurs when the total kinetic energy after the collision is the same as the kinetic energy before the collision.

What is Inelastic Collision?
An inelastic collision occurs when the kinetic energy after a collision is different from the original kinetic energy in the collision.

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