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Here you will find materials intended to help the student and teacher make classroom physics rewarding and successful, including sample problems, study guides, experiments, research projects, and other useful resources.
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Physics Podcasts
There are a lot of people out there talking physics and some of them are doing it on podcasts, which allow you to download them for listening at your convenience. We maintain a list of some of the more interesting science podcasts.

Science and Physics in Washington, D.C.
Pictures of the various science and physics locations in Washington, D.C.

Why Study Physics?
Why should you study physics? What is the use of a physics education? If you aren't going to become a physicist, you may have questions such as these ... but there are good reasons for everyone to study physics.

What Skills Do I Need to Study Physics?
If someone is interested in physics and wants to pursue it in college and as a career, there are a number of fundamental concepts they must become familiar with.

Using Significant Figures & Scientific Notation
When measuring physical quantities, scientists have to keep track of their level of precision. This article will discuss how scientists use significant figures to do just that, and how you can use significant figures without error in your work. It also discusses the role of scientific notation in making large and small numbers manageable.

Study Physics at Top Universities ... For Free!
Several universities are offering some of their courses online to take for free. It's not worth course credit, but if you want to learn something new, it's a great place to start!

Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional analysis is a method of using the knowledge of given units to obtain the solution to a problem. Learn some tips on how to apply dimensional analysis to physics problems.

Know Your Variables
When starting on a physics problem, it's important to know how to set up the problem in mathematical terms quickly. Having a good handle your variables will save a lot of confusion.

About Gifted Children
The About Gifted Children site provides useful information for addressing specific needs of gifted children. If your child is gifted, it's worth checking out.

American Association of Physics Teachers
Since 1930, the American Association of Physics Teachers has been promoting physics education in the United States. Check out their website to learn more about this organization.

FMA Live!
Let the laws of motion rock your world! This multimedia entertainment group tours schools and teaches students about the laws of motion (FMA -> Force Mass Acceleration). Their site includes information on some simple experiments that can be performed to demonstrate the laws of motion.

Girls Go Tech
The Girl Scouts of America have a wonderful link which provides tips on how to inspire interest in science, math, and technology in girls. Foundations in these concepts can have a profound effect on their future success in education and career.

Skytopia: The World's Most Unanswered Science Questions
This intriguing site is focused toward children and answers many interesting science questions. Though I haven't checked each and every answer for accuracy, it appears to be a well created site with information on light, sound, magnetism, and other aspects of physics.

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