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Classical Mechanics

The information you need to understand classical mechanics, ranging from Newton's Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation to fluid mechanics. This section focuses on the application of force to the motion of physical objects in a classical context.
  1. Energy, Work, & Power (5)
  2. Fluid Mechanics (4)
  3. Gravity (1)
  4. Momentum & Impulse (3)
  5. Rotational Motion (3)

One-Dimensional Kinematics: Motion Along a Straight Line
Learn the necessary equations and relationship to analyze one-dimensional motion, such as a car driving on a flat road or a free-falling body, especially in the case of a constant acceleration

Two-Dimensional Kinematics: Motion in a Plane
The equations necessary to analyze motion in a two-dimensional plane.

Introduction to Newton's Three Laws of Motion
A basic introduction to Newton's Three Laws of Motion, including examples of their mathematical and physical interpretations.

Free-Body Diagrams: An Introduction
The first step in most physics problems is drawing a free-body diagram. This article will provide you with the necessary information to tackle this process and use it effectively to help in physics problem-solving.

Newton's Law of Gravity
An introduction to the law of gravity, as developed by Newton and revised over the years. This provides the foundation for any significant work in understanding gravity, from falling objects to planetary motion.

Gravity on the Earth
Our most common experience with gravity is on the surface of the Earth and much of physics relates to it. This will tell you what you need to know about the Earth's gravity to keep from falling off into space ... actually, it will tell you a lot more than that.

Newton's Laws of Motion
Another good introduction to Newton's Laws of Motion, including material on the mathematics involved, applications, and problem-solving methods such as the drawing of free-body diagrams.

Journal: Classical & Quantum Gravity
This online journal provides current research in both classical and quantum gravity free to the public.

FMA Live!
Let the laws of motion rock your world! This multimedia entertainment group tours schools and teaches students about the laws of motion (FMA -> Force Mass Acceleration). Their site includes information on some simple experiments that can be performed to demonstrate the laws of motion.

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