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"The Infestation Hypothesis" - Episode 5.02

Leonard tries to keep romance alive with Priya now living in India

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Now that Priya has moved back to India, Leonard is trying to maintain the relationship by dating over internet video chat. Since Leonard is having dinner and Priya is having breakfast, Sheldon suggests that they call it a "dinnfast" date.

While Sheldon leaves the apartment to give Leonard some privacy, he finds a comfortable new chair over at Penny's ... only to discover that she found it abandoned on the street. This triggers his obsessive germophobia. He spends the episode attempting to get Penny to throw it out, enlisting Amy's aid in the process.

Based on suggestions from Howard, Leonard begins trying to spice up some of his video chats with Priya. He isn't particularly skilled at video sexy talk. Priya takes charge but video buffering issues ruin the mood. Howard attempts to provide some further help with digital enhancements that would allow tactile sensations at a distance.

This Episode's Science

Technology - Early in the episode, the guys are using the university's $175,000 hydraulic thermal press to toast their panini and tuna melt sandwiches. Later in the episode, Howard presents a virtual kissing machine, where you kiss one device and the other one - which would be located in India with Priya - would transmit the same motions. (I have no idea if the latter device is real, but I'm sure someone is working on it.)

Notable Quotes

Leonard: You do this all the time. You fixate on some crazy idea and then blow it way out of proportion.
Sheldon: Name one time I've ever done that.
Leonard: How about when you put GPS trackers in your garbage because you were convinced North Korean spies were stealing your doodles. The chicken nuggets that you were sure were human nuggets. The strangely-shaped cloud that was following you around town. The time you put my shirt on by mistake and were sure you started growing again.
Sheldon: I said name one. You really need to work on your listening skills.

Sheldon: You're good friends with Penny, right?
Amy: Best friends. Besties. BFFs. Peas in a pod. Sisters who would share traveling pants. Go on.
Sheldon: I was hoping she might listen to you about the dangers of owning unhygenic furniture.
Amy: For general educational purposes or has she acquired a bar stool dipped in cholera.
Sheldon: Colera is water-born. You're mocking me.
Amy: Yes, I am.

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