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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5.15 - "The Friendship Contraction"

Leonard ends his friendship with Sheldon; Howard seeks an astronaut nickname

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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5.15 -

DVD boxed set of The Big Bang Theory - Season 5

Original Air Date: Feb. 2, 2012


Leonard is exhausted by one of Sheldon's quarterly emergency readiness drills. Finally feeling that the confines of the Roommate Agreement is driving him mad, Leonard invokes a clause of the Roommate Agreement which nullifies their friendship. This leaves Sheldon in turmoil, as he now has no one willing to take him to his various appointments. Leonard finally relents, just saying that he wants a little appreciation. Sheldon decides that he'll implement an annual holiday, called Leonard's Day, to celebrate Leonard's contributions (both real and imagined by Leonard) to Sheldon's life.

Meanwhile, Howard decides that he wants "Rocket Man" as his astronaut nickname (recall that Howard is going on a space mission as a payload specialist), but the astronaut nickname is chosen by the other astronauts. His attempt to plant the nickname gets thwarted, however, when they learn that he lives with his mother.

This Episode's Science

No real physics in this episode, despite various discussions about the astronaut program.

Amy also makes a brief reference to an addiction study, but so far as I know they don't really conduct such studies by switching alcoholic monkeys to non-alcoholic beer.

Notable Quotes

Raj: [Discussing prospective astronaut nicknames with Howard] What if we make your astronaut nickname Howard "Buzz" Wolowitz?
Howard: You can't use Buzz. Buzz is taken.
Raj: Buzz Lightyear is not real.
Howard: No, that's not what I'm talking about.
Raj: Are you talking about when he thought he was real?
Howard: [Perplexed that Raj doesn't seem to know about Buzz Aldrin] No.

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