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"The Rhinitis Revelation" - Episode 5.06

Sheldon's mother visits, but he feels neglected

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Sheldon's fundamentalist Christian mother stops by to visit for a few days before going on a cruise. She bonds with his friends, offering them advice about their various personal problems, making Sheldon feel neglected. This forces Sheldon to realize that his intelligence doesn't insulate him from emotional turmoil, making him feel some surprising level of (condescending) solidarity with the "common man."

This Episode's Science

Saul Perlmutter - Sheldon offers to take his mother to see Saul Perlmutter speak about his 2011 Nobel Prize-winning work with dark energy. This episode was broadcast just 16 days after Perlmutter received the Nobel Prize.

Notable Quotes

Leonard: Do you like sushi? There's a great little place down the street.
Mrs. Cooper: I've never had it, but there's no harm in trying something new.
Sheldon: There's a lot of harm in trying something new. That's why test out drugs and cosmetics on bunny rabbits.
Leonard: Sheldon, you're talking like a crazy person.
Mrs. Cooper: Actually, I had him tested as a child. His doctor says he's fine.
Sheldon: Told you.
Mrs. Cooper: Although I do regret not following up with that specialist in Houston.

Penny: Sheldon, you didn't tell me your mom was coming!
Sheldon: It was in my weekly e-mail blast, right between "Beet Season Is Finally Here" and "Uh-oh, Red Stool From Beets Leads to Cancer Scare."

Howard: This spring, I get to go to the International Space Station.
Mrs. Cooper: Oh, my word, a trip to the heavens. If you ever want to live there eternally, I've got a good book you can read.
Howard: Thanks, but I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special every year, so I get the gist.

Sheldon: That lecture was a waste of time. I made more accurate diagrams of the expansion of the early universe on the nursery room wall with the contents of my diaper.

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