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"The Habitation Configuration" - The Big Bang Theory - Episode 6.07

Sheldon chooses Wil Wheaton over Amy

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Original Air Date: November 8, 2012


Wil Wheaton shows up to help Sheldon with the newest installment of his popular web videocast "Fun with Flags," but runs into conflict with Amy when she takes her directorial debut too seriously. Sheldon chooses Wil over Amy, though, not realizing that this was a really bad move from a relationship standpoint. After having a Long Island Iced Tea, though, Sheldon begins to return to his Texas roots and decides to stand up for his lady's honor.

Howard finally gets around to boxing up his things and moving from his mother's house into Bernadette's apartment. However, when he shares a touching story with Bernadette about how he was the only thing preventing his mother from being overcome by loneliness, she decides that no husband of hers will break his mother's heart.

This Episode's Science

No real science in this episode, aside from one reference to a chromosome.

Notable Quotes

Sheldon: The trouble isn’t with me, Penny, it’s with your gender. Someday, scientists will discover that second X chromosome contains nothing but nonsense and twaddle.
Penny: Yeah, Amy told me what happened. Look, just apologize. It’ll warm her twaddle.
Sheldon: It’s a Band-Aid at best. See, the core problem is that Amy and Wil do not like each other. Which is baffling because they’re both crazy about me. And I like them, which indicates they’re bright and interesting and/or were on Star Trek.

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