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"The Tangible Affection Proof" - The Big Bang Theory - Episode 6.16

Valentine's Day goes awry for everyone

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Original Air Date: Feb. 14, 2013


Love is in the air, as Leonard and Howard take Penny and Bernadette out for Valentine's Day (after Howard's brilliant plan to create a nano-Valentine goes awry). Howard and Bernadette are having a fight because he didn't do the laundry and she hid his X-Box, while Penny gets anxious seeing an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend out at the restaurant.

Sheldon solicits the help of his research assistant Alex to get a Valentine's present for Amy, but ends up coming up with a gift on his own that more than does the trick.

Raj and Stuart, with nothing to do, decide to throw a Valentine's Day party at the comic book store for those who have nothing better to do. Raj gives a motivational speech to the group about how they can stick together as a community and never be alone ... but then he meets a girl who seems interested in him, so he ditches those losers.

This episode actually had some real heartwarming moments between the various couples, so it was a nice change of pace, and hinted at some upcoming emotional development ... which may or may not actually occur.

This Episode's Science

Nano-materials - Howard used an atomic force microscope to create a tiny Valentine for Bernadette, which he then lost. Advanced technology allows for an amazing range of manipulating materials at the scale of individual molecules and atoms. This field is known as nanotechnology.

Notable Quotes

Howard: I was trying to come up with something really romantic to give Bernadette for Valentine's Day, since she's been such a pain in the ass.
Leonard: Can't find a card that says that?
Howard: Check it out. I used the atomic force microscope in the material science lab and wrote our initials in a heart one one-thousandth the size of a grain of sand.
Leonard: [Looking into the microscope] Wow, that's cool.
Howard: A micro-Valentine for a microbiologist.
Leonard: From her micro-husband. That is amazing. How long did this take you?
Howard: About 12 hours. I pulled an all-nighter. Yeah, it really took a bite out of my video game time.

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