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Big Bang Theory - Episode 2.4 - "The Griffin Equivalency"

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Big Bang Theory - Episode 2.4 -

The season two DVD set of CBS' brainy physics-based The Big Bang Theory.

Chuck Lorre Production/CBS

The Bottom Line

This is one of the few episodes that really brings Raj to the forefront, showing his true potential.
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  • Hilarious dialogue.
  • Dynamic characters.
  • Raj really shines in this episode.


  • Too short!


  • 21 minutes
  • Available on Disk 1 of The Big Bang Theory's Season Two DVD collection.
  • Starring Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Simon Helberg (Howard), and Kunal Nayyar (Raj)
  • Created by Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady
  • Originally aired October 13, 2008

Guide Review - Big Bang Theory - Episode 2.4 - "The Griffin Equivalency"

Raj is recognized by People magazine for innovative scientific work, but grows arrogant at all of the attention. He invites Penny to the People magazine event, thinking that it's a date.

Physics in This Episode

  • Kuiper Belt Objects - Raj is recognized for discovering a planetary object near the Kuiper Belt.

Notable Quotes

Sheldon: Oh, there's my missing neutrino. You were hiding from me as an unbalanced charge, weren't you, you subatomic dickens. Leonard: [He and Howard arrive.] Sheldon. Sheldon: Look, I found my missing neutrino! Howard: Good, we can take its picture off the milk carton.

Sheldon: [In response to Raj's arrogance.] There's a tribe in Papua New Guinea where, when a hunter flaunts his success to the rest of the village, they kill him and drive away evil spirits with a drum made of his skin. Superstitious nonsense, of course - but one can see their point.

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