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Physics - By Category

Physics 101
Your introduction to the most basic information you need to understand the science of physics, including a glossary, the history of physics, the tools physicists use, laws of physics, physics equations, the scientific method, and the fields of physics.

Physics Dictionary
This physics dictionary provides useful terms in exploring the subject, where sometimes a common word can have a very specific interpretation. Learning the proper terms can help you focus your time on learning the more complex aspects of physics.

Classroom Physics
Here you will find materials intended to help the student and teacher make classroom physics rewarding and successful, including sample problems, study guides, experiments, research projects, and other useful resources.

Real World Physics
Your source for physics in the non-scholarly world, such as everyday manifestations, fun tricks & activities, and other odds and ends. This is also where you can find information on careers in physics.

Classical Mechanics
The information you need to understand classical mechanics, ranging from Newton's Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation to fluid mechanics. This section focuses on the application of force to the motion of physical objects in a classical context.

The information you need to address common problems in thermodynamics, the realm of physics relating to energy in the form of heat and how that energy alters physical properties of matter, such as temperature, pressure, and density.

Light & Optics
Here you will find information on the intriguing properties and behavior of light, a form of energy that manifests in many diverse ways.

If you're studying electromagnetics, you know it can be an imposing topic. The information here about electromagnetics, ranging from electromagnetic fields and how they operate to the specifics of direct current and alternating current circuitry, is intended to help you navigate those troubled currents of electrons.

Atoms, Nuclei, Particles, & Other Small Things
Here you will find the physics relating to atoms and their nuclei, molecules, fundamental particles, and other science of the atomic and subatomic realm.

Theory of Relativity
To most people, one of the most intriguing and confusing branches of physics is Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Here you will find the information about both Special Relativity & General Relativity. Find out what the theory of relativity means and how to use it.

Quantum Physics
Quantum physics is the most counter-intuitive field of physics. By examining the realm of the very small, we find behavior that Einstein described as "spooky action at a distance." Here you will learn what quantum physics has to say about this exotic realm.

Cosmology & Astrophysics
If you have an interest in the physical properties of space, this is the place for you. Cosmology & astrophysics are sub-fields of astronomy, focusing on the properties of the universe as a whole (cosmology) and the physical or chemical properties of celestial bodies (astrophysics).

Other Fields of Physics
Here you will find information on some of the more theoretical or less studied fields of physics. Newer disciplines, such as nanotechnology and biophysics, will also be addressed here.


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