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What Is String Theory? - Physics
String theory is an emerging theory that attempts to explain physics in term of a multi-dimensional universe, where the dimensions of space and time that we ...
String Theory Books - Physics - About.com
One of the most complex topics in all of physics is string theory, and trying to explain that theory is quite a challenge. (I know, since I spent a year writing a book ...
Definition of a Brane in String Theory - Physics - About.com
String theory has 9 space dimensions, so a brane can have anywhere from 0 to 9 dimensions. Branes were hypothesized as part of string theory in the late ...
string - definition of string - what is a string in string theory? - Physics
The typical interpretation of string theory involves viewing all fundamental particles in the universe as manifestations of these fundamental strings, and the way ...
What is String Theory? Video
String theory is a relatively new approach to understanding particle physics. This video from About.com will give a very brief overview of string theory.
String Theory Books - books on string theory - Physics - About.com
One of the most popular areas in modern theoretical physics is string theory, the most likely theory that could reconcile quantum physics and general relativity ...
String Theory Landscape - Physics - About.com
The string theory landscape is a phrase applied to talk about string theory in the wake of evidence suggested in 2003 and beyond, which predicted that rather ...
Big Bang Theory - Episode 2.2 - "The Codpiece Topology" - Physics
The String Wars - Sheldon Cooper is a brilliant theoretical physicist focusing on research in string theory. Leslie Winkle's research focuses on loop quantum ...
Loop Quantum Gravity - Physics - About.com
Answer: Loop quantum gravity (sometimes abbreviated LQG) is a theory which ... the most well-developed alternative to quantum gravity outside of string theory.
The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin - About.com
In this controversial book, theoretical physicist Lee Smolin critically addresses the prominence of string theory within the theoretical physics community ... and ...
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