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What Is Cosmology? - Physics - About.com
Cosmology is the discipline of physics that involves the study of the origins, history, and evolution of the universe and the objects within it.
Cosmology & Astrophysics - About.com
Cosmology & astrophysics are sub-fields of astronomy, focusing on the properties of the universe as a whole (cosmology) and the physical or chemical ...
Cosmology and Astrophysics Books - About.com
Books on cosmology and astrophysics - the science of what happens in our universe, why it happens that way, and how our universe developed the way it did.
Taoist Cosmology - An Overview Of Taoist Cosmology - Taoism
Every spiritual tradition has a defined (or implied) cosmology: a story about the origin of the universe - about how the world as we perceive it comes into ...
Cosmology - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Cosmology: deductive argument cosmology branch of philosophy metaphysics related resources.
Quantum Cosmology - Physics - About.com
Quantum cosmology is a field of theoretical cosmology that focuses on the way that quantum physics influences the overall evolution of the universe. It remains a  ...
Occult Cosmology in the Renaissance – Earth-Centered Universe ...
Their cosmology was divided into three realms, and it was earth-centric rather than helio-centric (a concept that has been suggested by this time but not widely  ...
Description & Origins of Inflation Theory - Physics - About.com
Inflation theory is the idea in cosmology that in the very early stages after the universe's creation it underwent a rapid expansion, the effects of which can still be ...
Variable Speed of Light Cosmology - Physics - About.com
Definition: A variable speed of light cosmology is a cosmological approach which involves allowing the speed of light to change in some specified way, in an ...
Fludd's Cosmology - The Soul of the World - Alternative Religions
This illustration from 1617 by Robert Fludd reflects the common earth-centric cosmology of the time and the cosmology that strongly influenced contemporary ...
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