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What Is a Black Hole? What Is the Event Horizon?
A black hole is a curvature of spacetime geometry due to an intense gravitational field. The effects of a black hole are so extreme that even light cannot escape it, ...
Hawking Radiation - Radiation Emitted from Black Holes - Physics
What is Hawking radiation? How is it related to black holes? Answer: Hawking radiation (sometimes also called Bekenstein-Hawking radiation) is a theoretical ...
Is Time Travel Possible? - The Physics of Time Travel - About.com
Together with the physicist Sung-Won Kim, Thorne realized that you could (in theory) have a black hole with a wormhole connecting it to another point in space  ...
What Are Black Holes and How Do They Form?
A favorite phenomenon of science fiction writers, black holes are real objects that play an important role in our Universe. There are different types of black holes, ...
Supermassive Black Holes - an Introduction
Supermassive black holes are some of the most powerful objects in the Universe. These incredible objects hold entire galaxies together and are capable of ...
Black Holes and Event Horizons - About Space and Astronomy
Formed when a massive star collapses from its own gravity, black holes have such a strong pull of gravity that not even light can escape from them.
Black Holes Pictures - Discover Pictures of Black Holes
Formed when a massive star collapses from its own gravity, black holes have such a strong pull of gravity that not even light can escape from them. Today's ...
Black Holes Books - Books About Black Holes
What are Black Holes - where do Black Holes come from? Stars. Find the answers to these and other questions in these Black Holes books.
Becoming a Black Hole - Exploring the Mass Limits of Stellar Evolution
On of the tenets of stellar evolution holds that main sequence stars more than 25 times the mass of the Sun will eventually transition to a black hole in a brilliant ...
Black Holes - About Space and Astronomy
Black Holes - Resources Dealing With Black Holes, Singularities, and Event Horizons. Black Holes - The Inescapable Truth. Imagine an object that is so dense, ...
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