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Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Video Game Review - Science Papa

By August 10, 2010

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When I first heard about Science Papa, I thought it would be a perfect game. A science game for the Wii where you conduct a series of experiments? This is right up my alley. And, for a few hours, it was. I figured out how to use the interfact, and how to use the pictures to figure out the next step in the experimental process. Everything was proceeding fine, and I had no real complaints about how the science was portrayed in the game.

Then I realized that the only reason I understood the science behind the experiments was because I already knew it. The game hadn't taught me any science at all. In fact, the science was amounting to a series of step-by-step activities that were growing more and more tedious as time went on. There was no context for what was happening, and certainly no insight provided being gleaned.

As such, this is the first item I've had the opportunity to review on this website that I really didn't like that much and can't recommend, on any level, that you buy. I just don't really see how anyone would particularly enjoy it. Still, since I did spend several hours playing the game, I guess I might as well pass on my video game review of Science Papa.


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